EAN-14 / DUN-14 [Package of 1 unit]

EAN-14 / DUN-14 [Package of 1 unit]
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EAN-14 is a 14-digit number assigned to fixed content shipping containers. 

There are two distinct options for representing the EAN-14 in a barcode. 

One uses the EAN-128 symbology with the Application Identifier (01) and the other one uses the ITF-14 symbology, which does not use an Application Identifier. The EAN-14 is known by several different names throughout the world, such as SCC-14, DUN-14 or U.P.C. Shipping Container Code. 

However, the formal global name is EAN-14.


Package of 1 unit of EAN-14 barcode, sold inseparably with the main EAN-13.