4 EAN barcodes with UK GS1 prefix (50)

4 EAN barcodes with UK GS1 prefix (50)
  • Vendor: Global Barcodes Ltd.
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4 barcodes for 4 products. £9.75 Each. EAN-13. Worldwide accepted (specially Amazon), our barcodes are ready to use for labelling any kind of product (CD's, DVD's, food, cosmetics, toys, cleaning products, clothing, furnitures, etc., etc.). With a GS1 UK registered number, with an official certificate of guarantee, exclusivity, authenticity and property.
Released in 3 digital formats, EPS & PDF (vector, hi-res print) and JPEG (image, test & preview), readable by any computer and OS (Mac&PC&Linux), with detailed user instructions and assignment sheet.
The EAN number is not product-specific until you assign it and tell your retailers that is your product and it's number. Each time you go into a new retailer you will provide the details of your product.
Meeting the rules for barcodes!