50 UK EAN Barcodes

50 UK EAN Barcodes
Product no.: EAN-13 [50]
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50 barcodes for 50 products. EAN-13. Worldwide accepted (specially Amazon), our barcodes are ready to use for labelling any kind of product (CD's, DVD's, food, cosmetics, toys, cleaning products, clothing, furnitures, etc., etc.). With an UK registered number, with an official certificate of guarantee, exclusivity, authenticity and property.
Released in 3 digital formats, EPS & PDF (vector, hi-res print) and JPEG (image, test & preview), readable by any computer and OS (Mac&PC&Linux), with detailed user instructions and assignment sheet.
The EAN number is not product-specific until you assign it and tell your retailers that is your product and it's number. Each time you go into a new retailer you will provide the details of your product.

Single payment. No renewals. We pay annual fee.

Meeting the rules for barcodes!