SSCC label generator: Are they mandatory for pallets?

16/03/2023 07:10

The SSCC codes (Serial Shipping Container Code) are a fundamental tool in the management and monitoring of the logistics of pallets and merchandise throughout the world. These SSCC label generators are essential to get labels that identify and track shipment information and allow quality control and safety in the transportation of products.

This code is used to identify logistic units, which can be made up of any mix of trade items packed together for storage, transport and/or tracking.

The SSCC label generator print barcodes with 18-digit number that, if generated correctly, can be used to track and track the progress of shipments, as a reliable source of information that allows organizations to track the movement of their products and inventories.

Through this barcode, it is possible to control the flow of goods and ensure the accuracy of delivery in a timely and efficient manner.

What is and how is an SSCC code implemented?

The SSCC label generator obtain SSCC barcodes that are printed on pallet and container labels to uniquely identify them. These codes contain relevant information about the shipment, such as:

  • The source information.
  • The destination information.
  • The type of shipment.
  • Tracking number.
  • Useful data that allows the identification and tracking of products throughout the transportation process.

The implementation of the SSCC barcodes is a regulation established by the GS1 system, which is a global organization in charge of the standardization and normalization of logistics and freight transport processes throughout the world.

This regulation establishes that the SSCC codes are mandatory for the transport of pallets throughout the world and ensure the traceability of shipments, which allows greater efficiency in the management of the supply chain, and a reduction in storage costs, transportation and logistics in general.

In addition, SSCC barcodes are essential to ensure the safety of products and prevent fraud and theft during transport.

Are SSCC barcodes required to transport pallets? Do we need a SSCC label generator?

The tracking of the goods requires the use of the SSCC barcode. This code is essential to identify a logistic unit, as well as to guarantee the safe delivery of pallets. Additionally, it is often encoded in a barcode or RFID tag, and is highly recommended for e-commerce transactions.

The SSCC label generator generates SSCC barcode by adding a 3 to the EAN-13 barcode, recalculating the check digit of the EAN-14 barcode, and creating an 18-digit unique identifier.

This number is then attached to the box or container and linked to a database record containing shipment details such as origin and destination, type of cargo, and expected delivery date.

In conclusion, the implementation of the SSCC barcodes is essential for the transport of pallets, since it provides a unique identifier and guarantees that the goods will be delivered on time.

Uses of the SSCC label generator

The SSCC label generator generates SSCC barcodes that are an immensely useful identifier in the logistics and retail industries for tracking and locating shipments. This acts as a digital passport for shipments, allowing companies to control the origin and destination, the type of product and the quantity of their shipments, as we have already mentioned.

In addition, SSCC barcodes allow companies to accurately and securely track the movement of individual shipments from point of origin to point of delivery, improving shipment timeliness and accuracy.

Thanks to them, retailers can better understand the product journey, from production to the store shelf, allowing them to better predict customer demands and manage their inventory, and minimize overstocks and out-of-stocks.

Likewise, the use of SSCC barcodes is essential for compliance with safety and quality regulations in the transport of goods. In short, they are an invaluable asset that offers several advantages to companies in the logistics and retail sectors.

What are the advantages of SSCC barcodes?

SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) barcodes are unique numeric codes used to identify and track products as they move through the supply chain.

By using this type of barcodes to improve supply chain operations, numerous advantages are achieved, such as greater visibility of product flows, greater precision when it comes to knowing the content of our shipments and real-time control of the logistics process.

Additionally, SSCC barcodes help create transparency in transportation networks and reduce losses.

Now, some of the advantages of using SSCC barcodes are the following:

Accurate product identification

Each product moving through the supply chain can be uniquely identified by an SSCC barcode, allowing for more accurate and efficient product management.

Error reduction

By using SSCC barcodes, the risk of product management errors is reduced, as any discrepancies between actual products and recorded data can be quickly identified.

Greater efficiency

SSCC barcodes allow for more efficient product management, as products can be accurately and quickly tracked as they move through the supply chain.

Improved traceability

SSCC barcodes allow for greater traceability of products through the supply chain, helping companies to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, as well as improve the quality and safety of their products.

Ease of integration

SSCC barcodes are easy to integrate into existing supply chain management systems, making it easy for companies to adopt them.

In addition to these benefits, the use of barcodes also allows companies to access information about elements of their supply chains through GS1 Identification Keys.

Therefore, SSCC barcodes are essential for companies that require traceability in the supply chain with facilities such as being able to identify the contents of their shipments, facilitate the storage process or send accurate information to their customers.

Why is the SSCC label generator important for a company?

Today, having a system capable of quickly and easily identifying and tracking shipments is an essential part of any business. To ensure a guarantee that a company's operations are carried out as efficiently and effectively as possible, it is essential to have a suitable means of identifying shipments.

Therefore, for companies, using an SSCC barcode is a reliable way to achieve this, since it is a globally recognized system that has been developed by GS1 to identify individual shipments.

This barcode is also used for inventory management and financial monitoring in the supply chain, so it is of vital importance for companies that deal with supply chains, since it allows proper monitoring of all movements of goods.

In short, having an SSCC label generator for a company is essential, since it helps to more effectively track its products and shipments, as well as to be able to identify them more easily. In this way, your company can track the status of a shipment and provide your customers with real-time updates.

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