How to sell on Amazon UK - Step 2

01/03/2022 09:47
What is the product barcode?
Sellers must use the correct barcode for the product they are listing. Amazon prohibits the use of false product identification information, including incorrect EAN or UPC barcodes, which could result in the suspension of your seller account.
Most of the categories Amazon publishes require sellers to use a barcode to create new product pages and listings. The specific GTIN (Global Commercial Product Number) required for the creation and association of product pages varies according to the category, although the most used are the EAN or the UPC.
The requirements for each category, with exceptions and exemptions where applicable, are summarized in the table on the Amazon Services Product Categories page.
01. Sellers can post products with their barcode; remember that Amazon can check the GS1 database to make sure barcodes are legal.
02. All brands should have barcodes, if you only plan to sell on Amazon now, remember that if your product is successful, some physical store may require your products in the future. If you already have a Barcode, you will have saved many steps in the negotiation and you position yourself as a company with reliable products.
03. We recommend that you purchase the barcodes directly HERE to ensure that the database reflects the correct information and prevent the Amazon bot from giving you an error message with the barcode.
04. If you do not have a barcode to associate with your product, you can request it from the manufacturer. Or if you are the manufacturer of the product, get it directly HERE