How to get a barcode for a product in the UK

21/02/2022 17:46
The barcodes of the GS1 standard (EAN-UCC) are open and global, this means that they can be read during any of the processes of the commercial chain, not only in the UK, but in any part of the world.
A product that has a standard barcode is uniquely identified worldwide. This is why when we talk about the GS1 system, we are talking about an international standard that uses EAN-13 UK barcodes with prefix 50.
The contribution of the implementation of bar codes for all business partners consists of reducing costs, saving time and increasing the accuracy and efficiency of the processes at each moment of the cycle of products and services.
The EAN-13 barcodes used by mass consumption sales chains (wholesalers and retailers) are these:
They have 13 digits, of which the first two are the UK prefix (50) and the last is the check digit, the result of an algorithm that uses the first 12 and ensures that, if they have to be typed due to an error, in the reader, no error has been made.
Obtaining them is very easy, CLICKING HERE